It is very important that you get the exact look that you desire for your home or the office. Therefore it is very important for you to choose the right type of frosted window film that will suit the room that you plan on putting it in. Here are a few types of frosted glass window films that you can choose from to put in your home or the office.

1.Basic Frost: with this type of film you can choose whether you want to block out light partially or totally. It can also be used for the whole glass or only just portions of the glass depending on the level of privacy that you desire.

2.Dusted Crystal: this type of film gives you a milky translucent effect on the glass and makes it look like sandblast or etched glass.

3.Textured frost: this is a type of decorative film that will give the glass more texture when you touch it. This textured film will give you a different quality of light that will be let into your space and the light in the house will change as the day progresses. This type of film also offers very high privacy to the area in which it is put but can mainly be found in homes.

4.Sand Blast: this type of film provides the glass a look that resembles frosted crystals that had just been blasted onto the surface of the glass. This is a common choice as it allows light to pass through while also maintaining high levels of privacy. This type of film can also be found in different colors.

5.Decorative Frost: if you want the space to which you are applying the film to stand out while also maintaining the privacy of the area your best bet will be to choose decorative frosted glass window films. The design can be customized by you so that it can offer you the level of privacy that you are comfortable with.

6.Etched Glass: this type of frosted glass film makes the glass look like it has been etched into. Some areas of the film are frosted while the other areas are clear so that you can look out of the glass.

7.Colored Frost: frosted glass window film can come in a wide range of colors that can be customized to suit your home or office space and is a perfect way to brighten up the space.