An Environmental Management System is an important par of an organization which allows it to function efficiently and manage cost by going eco-friendly. ISO 14001 in Singapore is a certificate which proves that the organization is in compliance with legal standards and requirements of Singapore. ISO 14001 is also an evaluation tool for checking the functionality and the efficiency of the EMS in your organization.

The ISO 14001 follows Plan-do-check-act working model. This is an improvement cycle which is conventional. For better quality management, read more here:


It is popularly known as PDCA which is a cycle used for improvement. This cycle is mostly used when changes are made to improve a process. This is a systematic method to integrate those changes to get an improved and efficient process and result. To take an example, say you want to reduce the paper usage in your office. The plan phase includes setting the target of how much you want to reduce, then you execute it in the ‘Do’ phase by making changes to the existing system by emailing soft copies instead of printing and using two sided printing also decreases the amount of paper usage. The check phase involves checking the actual usage with the target, in case it has not met the target, and the act phase comes into effect when you chose to act in order to meet the target.


The PDCA is used in most aspects of the environmental management system; it also gives a clear indication on how to execute it step by step.


While planning you have to take into account the requirements and environment policy, according to this a sustainable and achievable target is made up. Many steps involved in the EMS requires greater in depth planning which is also specified in this section. The legal requirements, regulations, etc. are all important.


In this section a detailed explanation on implementation and operation is given, also it goes into detailed information on the environmental policy and also highlighting the importance of planning to have an efficient EMS system.


Monitoring and measurement are two of the most important tools of checking the executed action for its efficiency. Evaluating all the aspects that are executed in order to meet the legal requirement and environmental policy is an important step in ensuring that the organization is on the right track.


This is the step where the management reviews all the processes and comes up corrective measures and improvements to the existing EMS system to make it more efficient and improve continuously to meet the targets which are set in the planning process.