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This is How Your Mattress Can Affect Your Back

Have you ever experienced these symptoms at night or when you wake up in the morning?

  • Waking up frequently in the night for no reason?
  • You keep adjusting your position in the bed but nothing seems comfortable?
  • There is an obvious pressure on some body parts while lying down on certain positions?
  • The bed sinks you in?
  • There is an obvious pain in the parts of your body that lay on the flat bed.
  • After you finally rise from the bed the pain disappears in about 20 to 30 minutes.

If you have said yes to more than 4 of the points above, then surely you suffer from some sort of a back pain that is generally originated from your choice of mattress or your sleeping posture.

Sleep, Your Mattress and You

A person spends one third of everyday on their bed and it goes along to say that the impact the bed has on a person is tremendous. An incorrect choice can lead to a normal person developing back pains sooner than later. Studies recommend that one should change their bed every 8 to 10 years for the worn out materials also contribute to a sleepless night. Sleep rejuvenates all the organs of the body, maintains healthy brain function and affect the overall health of a person. Lack of it or any disturbance can make a person suffer from insomnia which is deficiency of sleep in the harshest form. Therefore, it is very important to remove all such disturbances that account to one having a shortage of it.

It is recommended that if a patient of back pain sleeps on a medium firm mattress their pain is reduced and it eventually disappears. The back is a sensitive area that requires care. Therefore, choosing a latex mattress for back pain and support has a great impact on your back’s health.

How Do You Choose the Right Mattress?

Many companies make different beds, the diversity is inclusive because not everyone has a uniform need. Everyone has a different body that needs support from a particular mattress type. But all mattresses should have the following properties to make them comfortable and a healthy choice:

  • The bed must be supportive of your spine and should give it a natural straight alignment when you lie down on your side.
  • It should gently conform to all parts of your body when you lay down. And the head, hips and heels shouldn’t feel unsupported or shaky.
  • The mattresses shouldn’t be too hard or firm such that there is a buildup of pressure on your pressure points.
  • It also must not be too soft that it creates a spinal curvature on the back and leave the rest of the body unsupported and hanging.

It is not only beneficial for your next ten years mattress investment but a healthy choice for your back to first try out the mattresses that you’re buying. Many good companies give a trial period for their brand that should be tested. A minimum 100-day or 1 month trial is ideal because it lets the user understand his body needs and if they are being fulfilled by the bed or not.

Which Back Support Mattress is the Right Choice for You?

It was once widely believed not only in Singapore, but the world over that mattresses with hard densities work best for alleviating back pain in those people who suffer from them. However, this is false because on hard surfaces the spine and the contours of the body are left hanging without any support. The human body is designed with a natural contour to the back and it requires support while one sleeps. Mattresses with medium firmness provide that comfort and bend around the body, thereby providing that relief.

It is essential to buy a mattress that supports the body while one rests and the need is more profound in people who suffer from back pains. However, a research was conducted and according to it the following are the top picks from people who suffer from back pains and have tried these.

Tempur Adapt (Medium Hybrid)

This mattress is rather firmer than medium firmness but the body sinks in perfectly. The material provides support to the back while at the same time caring for the pressure points as well. Voted by many as their personal favorite, it also isolates motion while on lays in it. The mattress however takes a slight hit to the pocket because it is a little pricier than most.

Saavta Classic

Made with the innerspring technology with a base of coils that are overlaid with individually wrapped ones and finally a quilted supporting top, this is especially for those people who suffer from back pain but do not like the feeling on sinking in as is the case with many foam mattresses. The spine gets a feeling of being lifted while at the same time it’s supported. It is a good buy for those who have an under $1000 budget. The trial period is also quite extended.

Sofzsleep (Trilogy and Chiro)

Made from 100% pure natural latex, Sofzsleep’s mattress technology has more than a decade of trust and dedication.  Due to the natural materials, the mattresses are also cooling and breathable for all. Consider models such as Trilogy for luxury and versatility with interchangeable triple latex layers of varying firmness to customize your comfort and the possibility to have two different firmness levels in just one bed. Also consider Chiro as the preferred choice for lovers of extra firm mattresses. It features an extra firm latex base with a plush microperforated topper on it, ensuring a natural spinal alignment and a consistent pressure distribution for a longer, uninterrupted, and back-supported sleep. Read on here for more information on Sofzsleep’s latex mattresses.

Loom and Leaf (Relaxed Firm)

For those patients who prefer a softer version of mattresses for their backs, this is the right mattress to choose from. The top is a comfortable padded surface and inside is a relatively denser foam to support the contours of the body. There is also less effect of off-gassing because the mattress is delivered without a box.

Leesa Hybrid

It combines the best features of the inner spring and memory foam mattress and is ideal for those who do not like a hug like conformity while asleep. It allows motion while at the same time gives a pressure relieving support which is not as pronounced as in a Temper Adapt. It also provides durability and therefore, lasts longer.

Tulo Comfort (Medium)

Ideal for patients who weigh under 200 pounds this mattress gives support to the back with a density of 3 pounds per cubic foot. The effects of the snuggle are not as pronounced and the mattress provides medium firm levels. The mattress comes with three firmness levels that can be tested prior to buying it. The comfort of the surface is exceptional and has many satisfied customers.

The Best Mattress for Back Pain

Lifestyles have evolved to an extent where work demands people sitting for prolonged periods of time. Humans were not made to be so stagnant, but to physically get their daily bread. There are more people complaining of chronic back pain than ever before and the reasons usually all point to incorrect postures while sitting, walking, lifting and even sleeping. The back needs support when doing activities as well as while one rests and in the scenario where it lacks sustenance, the results show with the person getting a back ache that can be mild to severe. Pain is caused with the spinal alignment is out of place while one rests, such that on requires an effective mattress for back pain like the ones Sofzsleep offers customers here.

Back Pain at an All Time High in Singapore

In Singapore alone, many people suffer from chronic and acute back pain, the reasons usually account to lack of care, lack of exercise and poor choice of the type of mattress they own. A body rests for 9 to 11 hours every day and it needs a proper surface to sustain the spinal cord during this time. A good mattress would alleviate the back pain one suffers from or doesn’t let it develop at all in those cases when the person didn’t have one to begin with. Therefore, a buyer must be very critical of the type of mattresses they choose.

All in all, the best mattress in the market today according to studies is the memory foam mattress of medium firmness. It is essentially made of a polymer, called polyurethane, which is ideal for providing good density and support. It could also be made from a latex base. It is also quite durable and is usually used in the formation of other types of furniture as well like sofas and car seats. One downside of this mattress is that it is not made of natural materials and can be harmful for those people who already have allergies or are vulnerable to chemical side effects.

Advantages of a Memory Foam or Latex Mattress

When a person lays on the such a mattress, it conforms to every detail of their body. This is essentially the effect people want especially those who are suffering from back pain as they need their backs to be supported. The mattress is also known to provide:

  • Viscoelasticity conforms to the contours of the body and provides support to them as long as required without any gaps to the spine. This gives extra support and comfort to those who already have back pains.’
  • The mattress resists and restricts body motion, which means that if one shares a bed, their movements cannot be felt by the other during the night. Each person will be snuggled in their own comfort.
  • Some types even alleviate stress and pressure from the body during the time a person rests.
  • The mattress is heat sensitive, which is responsible for dissipating extra heat and keeping cool during the night.

These mattresses come with a variety of firmness levels but it is recommended to get one that is of medium firmness because this type of mattress keep the position of the spine natural. Anything beyond this will provide more pressure on the spine and again there may a chance of the back pain recurring.

Best 7 Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore

Aesthetic clinics in Singapore are sprouting up quickly as demands for the treatments they offer are increasing among both the regular citizens who care for a nice looking young face as well as a higher earners and celebrities or influencers who keep up with their appearances. Not to mention the fact that they produce a breathtaking effect in a short period of time.

Among many good and similar options available, it might prove to be a daunting task trying to pick out the best aesthetic clinic for your skin type and one that caters to all your expectations as regards having the facial look you desire. We have done the hard work for you. The following is a list of 7 top quality aesthetic clinics in Singapore:


The DERMACARE ™ Aesthetic & Laser Clinic was founded on the promise of providing an unmatched aesthetic practice with unbeatable results while maintaining the lofty safety standards demanded by customers. With customer needs as the top priority, they aim to provide the most effective products, treatments, and technologies, and to achieve the best results for each of their client.


LUSH Aesthetics, being a multi-award winning aesthetic centre and one of the leading aesthetic centres in Singapore with the latest aesthetic technologies and the latest FDA approved aesthetic technologies, they aim to remain at the top end of the game for the foreseeable future. By providing a safe and non-invasive overall aesthetic solution for a total transformation through the world-class one-stop solution for teeth whitening, hair removal, skin care, hair care, and weight loss, they are up there with the very bests.


At Ardmore, they bring the latest technologies to their skin care, bodywork, and medical device product lines through innovations and use of top of the line technological devices. The Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic is a medical and laser aesthetic boutique clinic located in the exclusive international building on Orchard Road. It was founded to ensure a sound medical and comprehensive aesthetic care in a comfortable and private environment.


DRX has been a pioneer in Singapore’s medical aesthetics since 1999 and strives to deliver the best results and services. It is a strong investment in this philosophy that separates DRX from others and builds many long-term and trusted relationships with its clients. They have their DRX clinic, DRX Medispa, DRX Trichology, and Derma-Rx Skincare.


The lifestyle clinic offers a wide range of advanced aesthetic services. All treatments, including body, face, and hair, are tailored to the needs of each patient after a detailed consultation. Safety and quality are extremely important to them and is a top of the line practice among aesthetic clinics. The aim of all treatments is not to change, but to improve and to achieve a result that is satisfactory and pleasing to the eyes and at the same time looks natural.


Over the last decade, cosmetic enhancement has been driven forward by painless, high-tech procedures that deliver visible, natural-looking results with minimal downtime. With over 16 years experience in the field of advanced medical aesthetics and as one of Singapore’s most well-known aesthetic physicians, Mendis is capable of executing a wide range of technologically advanced processes that will help you achieve your ideal look and delay the ageing process.


The private clinic located at the heart of Orchard Road is a medical-aesthetic centre with expert solutions to your skin, facial, body and hair needs. With advanced, clinically proven technology and high-quality medical products, they want to help every customer see and feel the best.

Solving Hyperhidrosis with Botox Can Improve Your Quality of Life

If you suffer from excessive sweating, you may have a condition called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive sweating under the arms that is unrelated to the weather or your environment. This condition can cause you extreme discomfort and is often embarrassing for those who suffer from it. However, there are excellent hyperhidrosis treatment options available. If you believe you are suffering from hyperhidrosis, you can learn more about the condition and treatment options below.

How Hyperhidrosis Can Cause Embarrassment and Discomfort

If you have trouble with excessive sweating, you may also struggle with body odor concerns, sweat stains on your clothes, and an overall anxiety about how you appear to others. Hyperhidrosis can lead to uncompromising quality of life constraints. You may find it challenging to begin romantic relationships because of your anxieties. You may also limit your social interactions for the same reason. Overall, you may regularly feel embarrassed and suffer from low self-confidence. Hyperhidrosis is far more common than you may think. It affects a large number of people worldwide. Left untreated, it can continue indefinitely. Thankfully, however, there are excellent treatment options available.

How Botox Helps

Perhaps the best treatment available is Botox. A series of Botox injections under the arm paralyzes the nerves that cause you to sweat, which reduces the amount you sweat more than ninety percent! The procedure involves a doctor making multiple injections under your arm with a very fine needle. The fineness of the needle reduces discomfort. Most patients experience only a slight sting during the process. Typically, the treatment lasts for six months, at which point you can return to the doctor to repeat the procedure. This can continue indefinitely. Side effects of Botox are rare, and there is minimal downtime from the procedure. You can resume your normal daily activities as early as the following day.

What to Do Next

If a Botox treatment for your hyperhidrosis sounds like the right choice for you, you should begin researching the best available doctors and clinics in your area. Although Botox injections are safe and very successful, it is essential to know that not all treatments are the same. You should find a doctor with experience in the process and in treating your specific condition. To maximise your comfort and minimise your anxiety, an aesthetic clinic may be the best option for you. Aesthetic clinics specialize in offering high-quality treatment combined with a relaxing atmosphere that can relieve you of tension before you begin the treatment process. They also provide complete discretion, which may understandably be a particular concern for you. Excessive sweating can cause serious worry and stress in your everyday life. For numerous reasons, it can lower your overall sense of happiness and contentment. However, there is no need for you to suffer from this condition any longer. Treatment options are available and very successful. In particular, Botox can offer you long-term relief with a minimum of discomfort and downtime.

You should seek a doctor or clinic like iyac aesthetic clinc that not only offers you the treatment you need but also an environment that is comfortable and discreet so that any anxiety about beginning your Botox treatment is relieved. Finding a clinic that focuses on your relieving you of stress as soon as you walk in the door may be the best option for you. Ultimately, you deserve a treatment that is safe and above all effective. While there is no for hyperhidrosis, Botox can offer you a repeatable biannual treatment option that can allow you to return to life without any symptoms. You deserve a life without fear of body odor, sweat stains, and embarrassing sweating, and Botox for hyperhidrosis is often an effective solution.

The Importance of Getting the Right Curtains for Your Home

Curtains and roller blinds in Singapore are a must-have accessory in our offices and homes. They have become an essential part of home dcor. Gone are the days where curtains were only used for privacy. Nowadays, they have become a style statement. Curtains add aesthetic value as well as bring meaning and elegance to any room. Interior designers take hours debating over designs and color schemes before coming to a final decision. Other than the fact that they are undoubtedly a valuable accessory to any room, they also have other important purposes.

Curtains prevent direct sunlight from entering a room.

It also doubles as an energy saver as curtains provide cooling for the room by blocking out the heat.

Curtains give off an ambiance in the room.

The color scheme of your room combined with the design of your curtains can provide a soothing atmosphere as you walk into your home after a rather difficult day.

It gives off a feeling of comfort and warmth.

So one can say that getting the right curtains for your home can also play a part in mental health by providing a soothing effect.

Advantages of Curtains


Privacy is one of the most important reasons why people buy curtains. With apartments and complexes being constructed with very little space between them, its becoming more and more important to secure our privacy. Curtains provide comfort and prevent outsiders from peeping into our personal space. It also prevents direct sunlight from creating glares on the TV screen during the day.

Natural Air-conditioning

Too much sunlight usually causes a room to heat up and lead to humidity and clamminess inside the house. Direct sunlight and over-heating can cause damage to wooden furniture and other accessories in the room. Curtains prevent this by keeping the room cool by preventing the sunlight from entering the house.


Curtains provide a sense of security and calm. With curtains in place, you can rest easy knowing that wandering eyes will not peep into our private lives. Nowadays, professional curtain companies provide electric curtains that give off an illusion of someone being inside to outsiders. These curtains have become very popular because they provide security and peace of mind to residents.

Dual Benefits

There are double-layered curtains that you can opt for. One layer is thick and opaque while the other is made from semi-transparent, sheer material. There are many benefits to this curtain. During the daytime, you can keep the sheer curtains closed and draw back the thick curtains. By doing this, you can let in some natural sunlight and enjoy nature through the semi-transparent curtains. During the night, you can draw the thick curtains together to enjoy some privacy and quiet.

To get all these advantages from curtains, you need to pay careful attention to the material, color, prints, and measurements of the curtains before you buy one.

Here are a few tips on choosing the right curtains:

1. Pay attention to different curtain rods. There are different varieties of curtain rods to choose from.

2. When selecting a curtain rod, choose the right color as it needs to blend in with the rest of the room. Make sure theyre strong to hold the weight of the curtains.

3. If you have a half-length window, opt for full-length curtains as these can provide a uniform and more appealing look.

4. Note down your window measurements before buying a curtain. Curtains that are too long can get dirty easily.

5. Dark curtains and multi-colored curtains make the room look smaller. Opt for these if you have a large room.

6. Opt for dark colored curtains in the bedroom as they provide a more restful environment for better sleep.

Why Hospitals need good CT Scan Systems, and how Hitachi can help

CT scan systems are rising in popularity as tools used for diagnosis during illness, but also increasingly for preventative diagnoses. Whole body CT screening, especially, is a process that people are opting for as it offers comprehensive imaging of the body from the neck to the feet. The technology used in CT scans is called X Ray computed tomography, also referred to oftentimes as computerized axial tomography in CAT Scans. Hitachi’s offerings in the CT and CAT scan arena has helped make the process easier and more optimized for medical practises of all sizes.


The Supria CT system comes with a wide bore 75cm compact foot print. It only requires 3 system modules of gantry, a patient table, and an operation console when purchased as the compact rather than the open option.

Equipped with the best in imaging technology, the Supria allows for high speed scanning-less than 1 second/rot. The imaging process also allows for 3D reconstruction of scanned systems to enable more accurate diagnoses.

200_.jpg” width=”325″ />

In addition to the sophisticated 3D imaging (CORE) technology, the Supria system also comes with technology to help reduce image noise. Moreover, the system also comes equipped with the Intelli IP (Advanced), which is applied to get higher image quality. Easy on the operator, Supria has a 24 inch wide monitor with an intuitive user interface that is fairly easy to use and comprehend. All the information in terms of viewing is centralized and present on one screen as well, optimizing the workflow process in terms of display. Operators also have access to a quick entry mode which requires minimal button pushes for data entry.


The Scenaria offers 0.35s/rot for a full body CT scan. Hitachi’s most advanced and most comprehensive CT scanning option, The Scenaria offers doctors, operators, patients, imaging technicians and more the very best in whole body CT scanning technology.

Supria 64

A more compact option than the Scenaria, the Supria 64 offers high operability with compactness, making it ideal for hospitals and practices. The Supria 64 offers the best whole-body scan for a system of its size and capabilities, with roughly 14 second rotation period to provide a high resolution image in the range of 1,100 mm or more. Also equipped with the Intelli IP for noise reduction, it offers 7 levels of intensity to meet dose reduction requirements and reduce the consequential noise in the images. The system also comes equipped with 500 mm full FOV data acquisition as well as options for motion correction

With different CT solutions available for different practices, Hitachi remains an innovator in the field of CT imaging technology, and will continue to innovate to produce even better solutions.

Emergency Responses for Workplace Hazards

With employers across the globe laying a lot of emphasis on ensuring hygiene and safety for the workers, it has become rather important to devise emergency response strategies at the workplaces. Unforeseen emergencies have the potential to create multiple hazards for the employees, both physical and psychological. Hence, a little planning can go a long way in reducing the severity of emergencies. Some of the steps that are considered to be absolutely important in this regard could be broadly classified under the following sub-headings:

1. A dedicated team: There should be a dedicated team at every workplace to nullify the consequences of a given emergency situation. As soon as a mishap happens or is about to happen, the team needs to get down to work such that the consequences could either be avoided or significantly reduced. Corporate entities throughout the world are recruiting disaster management teams for the said purpose. Governments across the world are also taking the services of disaster consultants for the unorganized sectors. It has been proven beyond doubt that the presence of rescue and recovery workers scale down casualties during workplace hazards.

2. Necessary Equipment: The organizations should have access to all the modern equipment to sail through an emergency situation. It is also important that the emergency-handling team gets the necessary access to the equipment when a hazardous condition erupts.

3. Training: The employees also should be trained to save themselves and their colleagues during a mishap. Regular mock drills need to be conducted by the organizations such that the workers are sensitized to the pressing requirements of self-protection during the unwanted episodes. In fact, employers across the world are increasingly trying to educate the workers for possible emergency situations.

4. Planning in advance: Safety plans should be worked out even before any emergency happens such that there is a definite guideline to ensue while rescue operations are undertaken. This is particularly true for physically hazardous professions like construction, mining, fishing and metal-welding.

Additionally, the governments are also devising safety-guidelines for various professions and fortunately there is an increased awareness about the importance of workers’ health. With safety planning becoming an essential component under the bigger domain of occupational health and safety, things are only going to be better. However, it is also important to remember that self-protection is the best protection.

quotient of a particular workplace.