Lifestyles have evolved to an extent where work demands people sitting for prolonged periods of time. Humans were not made to be so stagnant, but to physically get their daily bread. There are more people complaining of chronic back pain than ever before and the reasons usually all point to incorrect postures while sitting, walking, lifting and even sleeping. The back needs support when doing activities as well as while one rests and in the scenario where it lacks sustenance, the results show with the person getting a back ache that can be mild to severe. Pain is caused with the spinal alignment is out of place while one rests, such that on requires an effective mattress for back pain like the ones Sofzsleep offers customers here.

Back Pain at an All Time High in Singapore

In Singapore alone, many people suffer from chronic and acute back pain, the reasons usually account to lack of care, lack of exercise and poor choice of the type of mattress they own. A body rests for 9 to 11 hours every day and it needs a proper surface to sustain the spinal cord during this time. A good mattress would alleviate the back pain one suffers from or doesn’t let it develop at all in those cases when the person didn’t have one to begin with. Therefore, a buyer must be very critical of the type of mattresses they choose.

All in all, the best mattress in the market today according to studies is the memory foam mattress of medium firmness. It is essentially made of a polymer, called polyurethane, which is ideal for providing good density and support. It could also be made from a latex base. It is also quite durable and is usually used in the formation of other types of furniture as well like sofas and car seats. One downside of this mattress is that it is not made of natural materials and can be harmful for those people who already have allergies or are vulnerable to chemical side effects.

Advantages of a Memory Foam or Latex Mattress

When a person lays on the such a mattress, it conforms to every detail of their body. This is essentially the effect people want especially those who are suffering from back pain as they need their backs to be supported. The mattress is also known to provide:

  • Viscoelasticity conforms to the contours of the body and provides support to them as long as required without any gaps to the spine. This gives extra support and comfort to those who already have back pains.’
  • The mattress resists and restricts body motion, which means that if one shares a bed, their movements cannot be felt by the other during the night. Each person will be snuggled in their own comfort.
  • Some types even alleviate stress and pressure from the body during the time a person rests.
  • The mattress is heat sensitive, which is responsible for dissipating extra heat and keeping cool during the night.

These mattresses come with a variety of firmness levels but it is recommended to get one that is of medium firmness because this type of mattress keep the position of the spine natural. Anything beyond this will provide more pressure on the spine and again there may a chance of the back pain recurring.