Curtains and roller blinds in Singapore are a must-have accessory in our offices and homes. They have become an essential part of home dcor. Gone are the days where curtains were only used for privacy. Nowadays, they have become a style statement. Curtains add aesthetic value as well as bring meaning and elegance to any room. Interior designers take hours debating over designs and color schemes before coming to a final decision. Other than the fact that they are undoubtedly a valuable accessory to any room, they also have other important purposes.

Curtains prevent direct sunlight from entering a room.

It also doubles as an energy saver as curtains provide cooling for the room by blocking out the heat.

Curtains give off an ambiance in the room.

The color scheme of your room combined with the design of your curtains can provide a soothing atmosphere as you walk into your home after a rather difficult day.

It gives off a feeling of comfort and warmth.

So one can say that getting the right curtains for your home can also play a part in mental health by providing a soothing effect.

Advantages of Curtains


Privacy is one of the most important reasons why people buy curtains. With apartments and complexes being constructed with very little space between them, its becoming more and more important to secure our privacy. Curtains provide comfort and prevent outsiders from peeping into our personal space. It also prevents direct sunlight from creating glares on the TV screen during the day.

Natural Air-conditioning

Too much sunlight usually causes a room to heat up and lead to humidity and clamminess inside the house. Direct sunlight and over-heating can cause damage to wooden furniture and other accessories in the room. Curtains prevent this by keeping the room cool by preventing the sunlight from entering the house.


Curtains provide a sense of security and calm. With curtains in place, you can rest easy knowing that wandering eyes will not peep into our private lives. Nowadays, professional curtain companies provide electric curtains that give off an illusion of someone being inside to outsiders. These curtains have become very popular because they provide security and peace of mind to residents.

Dual Benefits

There are double-layered curtains that you can opt for. One layer is thick and opaque while the other is made from semi-transparent, sheer material. There are many benefits to this curtain. During the daytime, you can keep the sheer curtains closed and draw back the thick curtains. By doing this, you can let in some natural sunlight and enjoy nature through the semi-transparent curtains. During the night, you can draw the thick curtains together to enjoy some privacy and quiet.

To get all these advantages from curtains, you need to pay careful attention to the material, color, prints, and measurements of the curtains before you buy one.

Here are a few tips on choosing the right curtains:

1. Pay attention to different curtain rods. There are different varieties of curtain rods to choose from.

2. When selecting a curtain rod, choose the right color as it needs to blend in with the rest of the room. Make sure theyre strong to hold the weight of the curtains.

3. If you have a half-length window, opt for full-length curtains as these can provide a uniform and more appealing look.

4. Note down your window measurements before buying a curtain. Curtains that are too long can get dirty easily.

5. Dark curtains and multi-colored curtains make the room look smaller. Opt for these if you have a large room.

6. Opt for dark colored curtains in the bedroom as they provide a more restful environment for better sleep.