It was once widely believed not only in Singapore, but the world over that mattresses with hard densities work best for alleviating back pain in those people who suffer from them. However, this is false because on hard surfaces the spine and the contours of the body are left hanging without any support. The human body is designed with a natural contour to the back and it requires support while one sleeps. Mattresses with medium firmness provide that comfort and bend around the body, thereby providing that relief.

It is essential to buy a mattress that supports the body while one rests and the need is more profound in people who suffer from back pains. However, a research was conducted and according to it the following are the top picks from people who suffer from back pains and have tried these.

Tempur Adapt (Medium Hybrid)

This mattress is rather firmer than medium firmness but the body sinks in perfectly. The material provides support to the back while at the same time caring for the pressure points as well. Voted by many as their personal favorite, it also isolates motion while on lays in it. The mattress however takes a slight hit to the pocket because it is a little pricier than most.

Saavta Classic

Made with the innerspring technology with a base of coils that are overlaid with individually wrapped ones and finally a quilted supporting top, this is especially for those people who suffer from back pain but do not like the feeling on sinking in as is the case with many foam mattresses. The spine gets a feeling of being lifted while at the same time it’s supported. It is a good buy for those who have an under $1000 budget. The trial period is also quite extended.

Sofzsleep (Trilogy and Chiro)

Made from 100% pure natural latex, Sofzsleep’s mattress technology has more than a decade of trust and dedication.  Due to the natural materials, the mattresses are also cooling and breathable for all. Consider models such as Trilogy for luxury and versatility with interchangeable triple latex layers of varying firmness to customize your comfort and the possibility to have two different firmness levels in just one bed. Also consider Chiro as the preferred choice for lovers of extra firm mattresses. It features an extra firm latex base with a plush microperforated topper on it, ensuring a natural spinal alignment and a consistent pressure distribution for a longer, uninterrupted, and back-supported sleep. Read on here for more information on Sofzsleep’s latex mattresses.

Loom and Leaf (Relaxed Firm)

For those patients who prefer a softer version of mattresses for their backs, this is the right mattress to choose from. The top is a comfortable padded surface and inside is a relatively denser foam to support the contours of the body. There is also less effect of off-gassing because the mattress is delivered without a box.

Leesa Hybrid

It combines the best features of the inner spring and memory foam mattress and is ideal for those who do not like a hug like conformity while asleep. It allows motion while at the same time gives a pressure relieving support which is not as pronounced as in a Temper Adapt. It also provides durability and therefore, lasts longer.

Tulo Comfort (Medium)

Ideal for patients who weigh under 200 pounds this mattress gives support to the back with a density of 3 pounds per cubic foot. The effects of the snuggle are not as pronounced and the mattress provides medium firm levels. The mattress comes with three firmness levels that can be tested prior to buying it. The comfort of the surface is exceptional and has many satisfied customers.